Why A Single Checkout Page is So Important

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There is nothing that is more frustrating for your customers than having to go through more than one checkout page in order to buy the items that they want from your website. You might notice that your sales will start dropping off if your have two or more checkout pages or a checkout page that is too complicate to understand and get through. You need to make sure that you have the software in place that provides a very simple to understand single page checkout that does not take the intelligence and skills a rocket scientist or a computer programmer to understand and the skills of a Native American Fancy Dancer to navigate.

The checkout page that covers everything from emptying your Shopping Cart to processing the Quantity or Quantities of the items selected to choosing the Method of Payment and the Shipping Directions is something that a customer will look for on any website that is offering items for sale. The easier it is to understand the checkout page and make their choices as to where they want their purchase shipped to and how they will pay for the items and use any coupon/promotion codes that they have, the more orders you are likely to get from that customer and possibly from those that they know in turn.

A checkout page that is very easy to make changes on is also something that customers appreciate too. Let’s say that you are selling e-books and have a customer that is at the checkout page with 4 e-books in her Shopping Cart that she wants to buy as gifts for friends. She then sees a suggestion about another e-book that she has been looking for to buy for herself for a while. She will be extremely happy when she can simply update her Shopping Cart choices to add in that fifth e-book for herself. If you are offering a discount or some type of a special on those e-books and one or more of her choices happens to be on the Discounted List this is better for her and you as well.

Entering coupon or promotional codes can be really frustrating sometimes if your checkout page is too complicated. This is another area of frustration that has often lead to customers giving up on buying what they have in their Shopping Carts and results in a lost sales. When you have a single checkout page that makes it very easy for the customer to input those very valuable coupon or promotional codes you are going to be able to keep them as a loyal customer and possibly get referrals (their friends and/or family shopping with you) from them that will boost your business.

There are two more things that are going to make or break the deal: Payment Methods and Shipping Information. If your checkout page is one that gives your customers several different Payment Options and includes the option to do what is called a “Split Tender” in the financial/retail industry. Split Tender payments are payments with 2 different forms of currency such as a Gift Certificate/Card and a Credit/ Debit Card. This will bring you more business and plenty of repeat customers.

The very last thing is Shipping Information. If your customer wants or needs their purchase to be shipped to one address (or several different addresses) yet have the invoices sent to a totally different address, this is easy enough with the right software. The easier you are making the purchase for your customers, the more they like it and the more they will come back to you in the future for more.

Source by Asim Raheel