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Uncapped was founded on the premise that no business should have to give away ownership to fund growth. As a former Venture Capitalist (VC), CEO Piotr Pisarz met hundreds of founders who had brilliant business ideas but needed a better funding model. Equity investment is traditionally accessible for few, expensive in the long run, and the assessment process can be slow and intensive. Uncapped is on a mission to democratize the way founders access capital, leveraging platform data to offer businesses a streamlined and transparent approach to credit. 

What makes Uncapped different?

 Since their inception in 2019, Uncapped has celebrated significant wins. Recently identified as the 2nd fastest growing Fintech in Europe, they grew 554% in 2021, including hitting a milestone of lending $12.5 million in capital to 15 companies in a single day. So what is it about Uncapped that sets them apart? 


Traditional credit providers are notoriously slow, include mountains of paperwork, and require businesses to navigate a series of checkpoints. In today’s rapidly evolving ecommerce and tech space, businesses may not be able to wait 6-8 weeks to get their capital. Understanding the challenges of this ecosystem, Uncapped is committed to speed. Businesses simply need 6 months of trading history and monthly revenues of at least $10k, then they can unlock as much as $10 million in equity-free funding within 24 hours. 

More Control

Founders leery of losing control over their business when borrowing capital will love Uncapped’s no-equity, no-security approach. They charge a flat fee from 2% on the capital provided and get repaid through a revenue share model. If revenues slow or stop, so do repayments. This enables founders to bypass banks with burdensome personal guarantees while gaining access to the capital they need for growth. 

Unmatched Flexibility 

Uncapped’s fast and flexible processes free entrepreneurs from the bottlenecks of traditional credit…

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