Turnkey Business – Use Affiliate Marketing to Make Money From Home

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I have been active on the Internet since 1997. As a results, I have seen quite a bit of change. My latest fascination has been with the turnkey business movement. There are a number of newer software programs that have come out with the promise of providing a complete solution to make money from home. They are platforms, usually delivered as a software service as opposed to a piece of software that you install on your computer.

Many of them really do offer the ability to have a complete turnkey business through affiliate marketing. For those who do not know, affiliate marketing is when you become a salesperson for another business. You do the marketing for the product and then refer a customer to the business selling the product. In return for referring the customer, you get a commission. Almost all large businesses have affiliate programs, including Google, eBay and Amazon. It is a very common way for large businesses to structure a low cost sales force based on commission only.

Many software platforms have used affiliate marketing as the basis for a turnkey business solution. In other words, you can buy software today that will set up a website for you. The website will come complete with products, prices and even customer reviews. You job, then, is to market the website and bring the customers. When a customer clicks through your turnkey business website to buy a product, they are redirected to Amazon or eBay to complete the transaction. You get the commission. Work hard enough at this and you will make money from home in about 6 months.

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