The Idiot’s Guide To List Building

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If you are a newbie who wants to start making money online, you need to build a list. Why is it that everybody needs to build a list? First of all, building your own list is where you will be generating opt-in subscribers in exchange of a free gift. For example, if you are giving away a free eBook, you need to create a squeeze page with an opt-in form for the subscribers to get access. When they enter their name and email address, they will be automatically subscribed to your list. After they confirmed their email address, they will receive a free gift as you promised. It can be an eBook, software, video or an e-Course that was related to their interest. Let’s get started on how to build your very first subscriber list.

Find a PLR eBook: This is one of the easiest ways for you to find a product that can be given away for free. PLR (Private Label Rights) eBook allows you to resell, give it away, change the author’s name and even editing all the content. Make sure that the PLR eBook you choose is relevant to your targeted audience.

Sign up at In order for you to make money with your list, you need to sign up at any affiliate program like Clickbank. From there, you can earn commissions from products that were relevant or related to your PLR eBook. These products can be suggested or promoted through follow-ups or broadcast messaging.

Sign up at Once you have the PLR eBook (either free or paid) and a ClickBank account, you need to register at any autoresponder service. You cannot create your own list without an autoresponder. For those who can’t afford to pay every single month to services like Aweber and GetResponse, I suggest you try Listwire. It is a free autoresponder that allows you to have unlimited subscribers for every list that you created. In order for you to have a successful list, you need to give them value through follow-up messaging.

Create a free landing page at After you finished setting up the list, it’s time for you to create a landing page. If you can’t afford to have a self-hosted WordPress blog, I suggest you create a free landing page at From there, you can copy and paste the HTML code of your list to your blog post area. You need to switch it to HTML mode in order for your opt-in code to be valid while entering their details.

Generate traffic through free sources: Once you’ve finished the landing page with the opt-in code, you may start generate traffic to targeted visitors. Free traffic is always the best option for us to generate than paid traffic. There are lots of ways for us to generate targeted traffic through forums, article directories, blog commenting, social media, social bookmarking and press releases.

Source by Jeff Caceres