Social Bookmark Tips For Rookies

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Social bookmark sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon are a great way to find and store great websites. Unlike a regular BM stored only on your personal computers browser, a social BM is shared with the BMcommunity, allowing others to see what you BM, and vice versa. Here are some do’s and don’ts of SBM.

1. Use SBM over private bookmarks. You are probably in the habit of BM things within your browser, so this will be a new habit. But many of the social bookmark sites have plugins you can install in your browser, making it easy and convenient to BM everything publicly.

2. Use a good title. Remember, a SBM isn’t just for you, others will see your bookmarks and visit the same sites. Make sure your description is accurate, and don’t use abbreviations or jargon, make it clear and precise.

3. Use a good description. As above, make it clear and understandable for others.

4. Make good use of tags. Tags help you, and others, know what the site is about. Something like “cool site” is meaningless. Be very accurate and include details in your tags.

5. Don’t bookmark more than one page in a domain. This is a temptation people have when bookmarking their own sites as a means to getting free traffic. There’s nothing wrong with this, however if you leave a bookmark for every blog post on your site it will be monotonous for others and they’ll stop checking your bookmarks.

6. If it’s of no use to others, don’t bookmark it. Sometimes you come across sites that are meaningful to you, but of little value to others. Bookmark these privately so the quality of your social bookmarks stays high.

If you follow these rules and bookmark consistently you can both give, and get a lot of value from social bookmarking.

Source by Dave Sherwin