Q&A with Lindy Electronics: How Zoovu Helps Power Content Discovery Across Borders  

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Since its founding, Lindy, a manufacturer of computer and audiovisual connectivity products, has been in the business of providing solutions to buyers that require expertise and attention to detail when purchasing. Lindy sells their products across numerous channels throughout the world which requires a global approach to content discovery.  

We spoke with Michael O’Connor, Lindy’s Head of Global Marketing who leads a team of marketing and creative professionals throughout Europe and Asia, to discuss Lindy’s Content Discovery journey.  

Zoovu: Any business can attest to the difficulties in managing product data and content for omnichannel efforts, can you tell us about some of the pain points your team experienced prior to using Zoovu?  

O’Connor: We sell in multiple countries, so that means we have multiple websites that use different web platforms but have very similar product portfolios with some slight differences depending on location.  Think about the differences in outlets in Europe vs the US vs the UK – each region has some nuances that our product data must accurately reflect.   

Using various web platforms in our different selling regions meant we couldn’t scale certain programs or initiatives.

For example, prior to using Zoovu, we developed and used a bespoke product configuration tool. Because it was built in-house, we couldn’t scale it across our global web platforms, meaning we could only use it for our UK ecommerce channels. In addition to the configuration being unable to scale, it was also limited in the way we could design flows and add and remove content. This made it difficult to add new products and modify the configurator experience.  

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Zoovu: It sounds like Lindy needed a solution to ensure a consistent content discovery experience for cross-border selling. Can you tell us why Zoovu became the right choice for your team?  

When it comes to communicating our products,

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