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Many people feel intimidated when they hear the terms “network marketing” and “mutli-level marketing” (MLM). Heck, even the term “internet marketing” can be a little overwhelming for those just getting started in the industry. In fact, I spent several years shying away from the internet marketing world just because I knew how many other successful internet business owners there were out there, and how much learning and catching up I would have to do to get to their level. Then it hit me one day – with the help of the amazing turnkey program I am using to build my current business – that I cannot continue to sit around thinking I will never make it in this industry. Of course I wouldn’t with an attitude like that. I realized that in order to be an online success, I must take consistent action, be committed to my success, and stay positive. One of the biggest challenges for network marketers is to find and keep good prospects to build their downlines, who in turn will help market and distribute their products and services. Here’s what you have to do:

If you’ve heard this all before, that’s okay! Sometimes the best way to ingrain something into your minds and into who you are is to hear it many times over, and then to actually do it! Building a prospect base is all about building a relationship with your potential customers, and it’s all about attitude – your attitude. It’s about your attitude about yourself, your industry, your company, and your business. You are the master of this prospecting game, but first you have to become a master of yourself!

Being a master of yourself means taking responsibility for your own successes and failures, and focusing on what is giving you, or will give you positive results. You have to realize that there are ups and downs in this industry for everyone, and you will experience some difficult times. How you handle those difficult times can make all the difference. Despite the obstacles you will surely come across, you have to maintain consistency, focus, give your time, and stay committed to your success. One of the best ways to avoid failure is to find a mentor above you who is at a place where you eventually want to be. Find someone who is successful, and learn from that mentor, and do what that mentor does. If you hang around positive people, you will become more positive yourself.

In order to gather prospects for your network marketing business, you have to talk to people, enjoy talking to people, and do it on a daily basis. The more people you talk to, the more opportunities you will have to build your downline, so you need to get yourself out in front of people, both online and offline. You have to give yourself and your business all the exposure you can possibly manage. The thing to remember though is that once you’ve signed someone up in your program and they become a part of your downline, you cannot stop there! Building a downline is more than just signing a new recruit. Now you become the mentor, and you must teach and demonstrate to them how they can do what you are doing. This will help you build that relationship with your team that is so crucial to having a successful team. Remember that network marketing is not all about you, it’s about being on a winning team and working with others.

Prospecting and working on a team such as this can be a scary experience for many people. That’s why it’s so important to maintain your self-esteem, and to be a confident leader. One thing that can improve your self-confidence is finding out all you can about your industry, your company, and your business. Know the ups and downs and the ins and outs so that you can explain it to your prospects, and have an answer for them when they ask questions. You have to know how your prospects can benefit from your products and services. You must believe in those products and services, believe in your company, believe in yourself, and believe in your business. The more enthusiastic you are about your business, the more people will be drawn to you and your business. You will know a good prospect when you see one because that prospect will possess the same positive attitude, enthusiasm, drive, confidence, and commitment to building their own downlines. Once you have a team of players like this, you will be on your way to network marketing success!

Source by Liane Bate