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Megabonus is a cashback service initially launched for the Russian community as Alibonus however it has been translated into English and then re-branded into Megabonus

After you make an account on the website you have to install the Firefox/Chrome plugin which when activated tracks your Megabonus purchases through an affiliate link, in return earning you cashback for your purchases on websites and offers supported by Megabonus. (Currently, 346 stores are supported for me however there might be more stores available for other people in other locations )


Megabonus gets paid by Aliepxress when you purchase something on Aliexpress and then they share the commission with you.

All earnings are put on pending at first as Megabonus has to wait for those orders to be confirmed as received, then they receive their commission from Aliexpress and then you can finally withdraw your earnings.


This can take quite a long time depending where your orders are going as you will  have to wait around 20-40 days to confirm the order as delivered (unless you want to straight up confirm the orders as received in Aliexpress for the sole purpose of receiving cashback faster, I do not recommend this as it will be harder to dispute any undelivered orders on  Aliexpress)

When applicable, the Alibonus plugin will notify you that your cashback isn’t active and a simple button press will activate the cashback.



After confirming a few orders and waiting a while, I decided to cash out around $7 to test the service,  I used PayPal for this, after clicking withdraw the total time I had to wait before they sent me my payment was around 7 days. I have also used WebmoneyWMZ to process my withdrawals which is a Russian wallet service similar to Paypal which later allowed me to…

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