Marketing Church Growth Through Social Media

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While gathering information for your business plan for church growth, if adequately researched you should quickly realize the strength that lies within social media. In the process of this research you should have already determined several venues that produce high amounts of regular traffic. You should begin utilizing these FREE platforms to generate traffic and exposure. Some of the major free sites to use to gain full advantage of social media would be:

  • Blog/website ~ every business needs to have a central point of contact, somewhere all correspondence initiates from. Through sharing your content and drawing your audience to what you have to offer will have your contact looking for your content on a regular basis. Correctly setting up your blog will allow you to share your content automatically to several social media sites at one time by simply pushing “publish”. Harvest the power of automation through syndication.
  • Facebook ~ with the massive influx of people on Facebook it is prime territory to reach a very large number of people, by simply sharing your content, videos, motivational thoughts, etc. you will begin to create a strong on-line presence
  • YouTube ~ video marketing and sharing has become a main source of traffic to sites. While using YouTube, it would be advisable to create your own channel which allows for some customization, but mainly, it keeps your visitors viewing your videos only until they choose to leave. (If you don’t create your own channel, once your video is finished, several other videos within the same niche will automatically pop-up, resulting in you possibly losing some of your traffic.)
  • Google ~ if you are serious about marketing your church and growing it through social media, Google is the number one search engine on the internet, you definitely want to create a presence there. Google is definitely a place you want to be sharing your content. By doing your research and having your content on page one of Google, will drive a tremendous amount of visitors to your blog/website.

So once you’ve gotten all your strategies firmly in place, you must begin a consistent marketing plan for your church. Regularly post to your blog and share through all the social media outlets. By utilizing social media to create massive leads you will begin to grow your membership. Utilizing all of the free components listed, you will begin seeing results, generating traffic and sharing your vision throughout the world.

Source by Julie K Beachum