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Creating an online store has been hot in recent years. More and more cross-border sellers are participating in the wave. They are affected by the epidemic and e-commerce platform policies and rules are changing, many platform sellers have also begun to choose to open another window of “independent stations”.

Everything is difficult at the beginning. Unlike retailer platforms, in order to build an online store, it requires sellers to build their own websites, which has been a headache for sellers. Basically, sellers will go for one of the following three solutions to build their websites.

First one, Software as a solution. Sellers create their online shopping websites on an e-commerce platform that integrate with social networking, post products, shopping cart and payment features. Sellers are allowed to design the website interface with templates. In other words, these softwares/solutions serve as hosts to sellers’ stores that support sellers to create and launch their stores. You may know some of these platforms. ShopBase, Shopify, XShoppy, Shoplazza, etc. 

Some solution providers give out source codes that the sellers can build up on. Woocommerce, Magento, WordPress, and OpenCart are these providers that give more flexibility over design and features.

The last solution is to start from scratch, which requires full knowledge of coding or HTML.

For most cross-border sellers, SaaS website construction is the most preferred, because it saves time and effort and can focus on operations. While interface is an important part of building your stores, you will want to put some effort into it. Here is a list of top Shopify stores that you can use as an inspiration to build yours.

New York Times Store

The New York Times store is one of the most prestigious stores in the United States, and almost every single person in the US knows about the Times. They’re using Shopify, which is a clear proof that Shopify is endorsed by the great brands and is a one-stop…

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