How to Improve Investment Strategy? – Passive Income Article

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How to Improve Investment Strategy?

What can help us to improve our investment strategy? No doubt, it will be learning from our own best investments. In our case it was an investment in Domino’s Pizza Inc (DPZ). I purchased 57 shares of Domino’s Pizza for $190 each back in October 2017.

So we hold this investment for 4 years and three months. Our unrealized profit from this investment is 267%. Not bad for four years return. To make the deal even sweeter we received $712 in dividends. We can easily sell our initial investment of $10,830 making this investment lossless. The arrow points to our purchase point in time on the graph.

How did it start?

There was a Domino’s Pizza store close to our townhouse and we were occasional customers of that store. Sometimes we picked up or directly ordered pizza with kids. On one such occasion I asked my older son what he thinks about investing in Domino’s Pizza. I always try to discuss investment ideas with our kids. My son told me that there are other pizza stores around and maybe the pizza itself is not the best but we do get the best deal considering the price and the quality of pizza. Then I checked revenue of the company and EPS, both were increasing so a decision was made and we bought 57 shares. How I am proud today, talking to my kids,…

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