How to Get Portfolio Loans for Investing in Real Estate – Master Passive Income – Passive Income Article

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How to Get Portfolio Loans for Investing in Real Estate – Master Passive Income

Portfolio loans are just one of many lucrative financing option you can pursue when trying to scale your real estate investment business.

They are an especially popular option among real estate investors with multiple properties under their belt who want to explore funding options other than buying more homes out of pocket.

Portfolio loans help these investors leverage the equity in their properties so that they can continue building their assets and raking in that passive income of at least $250 or more a month per property.

Portfolio Loans are loans that are given from a bank with the banks money, instead of selling the loan to another company or organization like Fannie May or Freddie Mac. The loans that a bank holds onto are loans that are in their own personal “Portfolio” of loans. Just like a painter will have a “Portfolio” of paintings that they have done in the past, a bank has loans that it has given, and holds onto, as their “Portfolio of Loans”.

An Introduction to Portfolio Loans & Other Investment Financing Option

I’ve been in your shoes, asking myself the same questions. I’m here to tell you that getting your hands on a portfolio loan is actually not as complicated as it might sound.


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