How To Dropship With A US Warehouse?

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Let me guess… You have started your drop shipping business, but you are still struggling? You are chasing success all the time, but somehow it slips away from your hands? Don’t worry, it can happen to anyone.

But, do you know the reasons? Well, first of all, you are probably aware that setting up a drop shipping store is not all it takes to be successful. There are various aspects that you need to focus on.

However, one of the most important factors is your drop shipping suppliers! Once you find a reliable supplier for your business, it’s like you have found the shiniest diamond in the world.

No matter what drop shipping niche you are into, or if you are a beginner searching for ideas to start,  this article is for you!

We will guide you through the importance of a drop shipping warehouse located in the US, and all you need to know about it, like why you need it, how to dropship with a 3PL, a list of drop shipping US warehouses, and more.

 So, what’s the buzz around Drop Shipping about?

Actually drop shipping is a business and type eCommerce model, but it’s slightly different from traditional eCommerce and has various benefits.

This type of eCommerce model is a closed chain with three components:

  • a physical customer,
  • a supplier, and
  • a virtual retailer

It’s like a never-ending circle. When a customer purchases goods from a store (retailer) that does not have them in stock, the store orders them from their supplier.

Money flows from the customer to the retailer, and then from the retailer to the supplier. The product is shipped to the customer by suppliers.

And where does the popularity lay?

Well first, people hear a lot of information that you can start drop…

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