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On the internet, if one is seeking a home based business internet opportunity, there are a myriad of multi-level marketing opportunities to choose from as well as direct sales, internet marketing, affiliate programs, etc.

However, while there are many legitimate home business income opportunities, there also are numerous scams and pyramid schemes. It is essential that opportunity seekers not jump on the newest pre-launch opportunity or fall for the latest get rich quick deal. A desire to make money and create residual income is great, but becoming educated on how to choose wisely and thus save years of failure and frustration is crucial.

Just like an apple pie needs all the right ingredients to turn into a mouth watering delicious treat, so a home based business internet opportunity also needs the right “ingredients” so a distributor can achieve success. To ignore this is deadly.

The most important “ingredient” of a home business opportunity to look at is company management. Here are a few examples of questions opportunity seekers should ask before joining a network marketing, affiliate program, online home business, etc.

-Does the company management have personal experience building their own network marketing organization? Have they actually worked like reps do?

-Do the company owners have integrity? You can research their name on Google and add “scam” to it see what the real deal is.

-Are the policies and procedures fair? Are there words like “on-going” sales there?

-Does the company charge you for training or a company website?

-Does the multi-level marketing company charge you for each paycheck they send you?

-Always check www.mlmwatchdog.com [http://www.mlmwatchdog.com] and www.marketwaveinc.com to see if a company is listed as one with problems.

A desire to make wealth from a home based internet opportunity is wonderful. However, to avoid becoming a victim of a ponzi scheme, scam, pyramid scheme, etc., its important to carefully analyze the network marketing company, direct marketing company, affiliate program, etc. first. Doing this will save you years of failure and frustration in the long run!

Source by Monique Hawkins

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