Dropshipping Scams – How to Spot and Avoid Them?

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We aren’t bashing the legitimacy of dropshipping. But, like any business, it doesn’t lack unscrupulous dealers. It is the scammers we are talking about here in this business model.

Not everyone in the business is a scammer, whether a seller or supplier. But, a few buddies want to make quick money in the wrong ways. 

1) Counterfeit Products.

Most drop shippers get their items from AliExpress. The platform has popular brands like Nike, Balenciaga, and Adidas.

The prices of items from popular high-end brands are lower on this site. You don’t need a billboard to know that these are FAKE!!! Some sellers even claim to be the original equipment manufacturer of the items.

Again, more NONSENSE!!! Many people long to own luxury brands. But prices don’t allow it. There are plenty of cheap knock-offs flooding the market.

2) Deceiving Samples.

Do flawless samples always mean you are dealing with a genuine seller? Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. Most suppliers have deceiving models. Actual products, in reality, don’t match what you see in pictures.

The supplier might not scam you by not delivering. Instead, they send cheap and low-quality items than samples.

You will get this from customer complaints.

3) Fake Gold Sellers.

Selling gold jewelry is the easiest way to involve in high-ticket dropshipping. But you can’t trust everyone with this.

You can be a gold supplier on sites like Alibaba. But, you need to pay some thousands of dollars.

Some cunning customers use this to their advantage. They sign up for gold supplier memberships.

Such scammers will defraud you of your fortune and then bail. We don’t mean that it is the case all the time.

Alibaba is a legit site, but such scammers don’t lack it there. 

4) Disappear After Payments.

Some suppliers perform a Usain Bolt…

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