Conversation Between Sales VPs

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Here is the conversation on a Friday evening between two best friends, Harry and Paul, over a cup of coffee. They both work as Sales VP in two different companies. They are meeting after a long time; the coffee has arrived, and Harry seems to enjoy every bit of it. On the other hand, Paul looks a little lost on his phone finishing his office tasks. Harry is curious about why Paul is tense and still working after office hours.

Harry: Are you still working?

Paul: Yeah! Trying to figure out whether they (his team) have achieved their targets or not.

Harry: Oh! So you still verify all that manually?

Paul: Is there any other way to do it? Wait! What do you mean by still doing it? Don’t you do the same?

Harry: No! I stopped doing this a while back. Now I use a tool called “MappyField” to handle all this, and I have never been happier.

Paul: Do the tools really work?

Harry: Well, it’s 7:30, and you are still on your phone! I am not!

Paul: Fine! I get your sarcasm, but would you please elaborate on this tool?

Harry: Sure! Honestly, I was like you six months ago. I would be working after office hours to achieve my goals. I have a huge team of 30 people, but still, I wasn’t getting the results I expected. It was getting difficult for me to handle the team and my tasks.

Paul: Are you reading my mind or what? I am facing this same issue! Ohkayy! Sorry to interrupt you; please continue!

Harry: Let’s start from the start. When I was handed over the charge of VP, I was unaware of the amount of client data I would be referring to daily. I had a huge list of clients in my hand and a sales team waiting for me to allocate the task. It was difficult to figure out the regions making good sales and those with low sales. I would execute my strategies to increase sales, but nothing worked. There was no increase in sales because I did not have a clear visualization of the data.

Paul: I totally get you. How are we supposed to visualize a list with thousands of entries?…

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