Carrier Rate Shopping for Retailers in 2022

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eCommerce businesses today have put in much effort to map out what they think is their best approach to order management and fulfillment. 

But with consumers now expecting cheaper, faster, and timely deliveries, most retailers are still not sure about how best to evolve and match those expectations. This raises key questions:

  • How do you streamline operations at the backend to ensure that you’re always offering an array of delivery options that match customer expectations without hurting your revenue?
  • And how do you display these multiple delivery options at checkout in a way that won’t overwhelm and confuse shoppers? 

To eliminate this air of uncertainty hovering around shipping and delivery, many retailers are now turning to a new solution that is fast becoming a new trend – Automated Carrier Rate Shopping

In this article, we’ll talk about Carrier rate shopping and how far the industry has come with the technology.

Carrier Rate Shopping in Retail

Carrier rate shopping is the use of software to compare multiple carriers and their shipping rates in real-time so you can pick the fastest and lowest-cost shipping options for an order. It’s all automated, so you can stop providing an endless list of delivery options at checkout based on guesswork. 

Although retailers today might be using automated systems and software to do rate shopping, it wasn’t always the practice. In the past, eCommerce businesses relied on manual processes to shop rates. 

To better illustrate why automated rate shopping is a must-do for eCommerce brands today, let’s talk a bit about the outdated method of traditional rate shopping.

Traditional Carrier Rate Shopping and Its Downsides

In the past, retailers had to manually decide the shipping rates and carriers after the sale was made. To do so effectively, it was up to a warehouse employee to find the best carrier service that could get a customer’s order shipped. 

That was a painstaking process involving a multitude of…

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