Can You Sell Books With Social Media Marketing?

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There are as many opinions when it comes to whether or not social media marketing is effective for an author to sell books as there are authors. Many will say, “Absolutely not!” While others will say, “I wouldn’t market a book without it.”

I am of the camp that wouldn’t market a book without including a very proactive Social Media Marketing aspect.

I would venture to say those who don’t have very good results with SMM have taken a somewhat haphazard approach to the process. Those who swear by SMM likely have an extremely systemized approach.

The key to SMM is no different than any marketing you do. There are some important things to determine before you begin. You have to know who they are and where they hang out. Answer these questions about your market.

  • Who is your reader?
  • What networks do they belong to and actively participate in?
  • What forums do they participate in?
  • What blogs do the read?

The fact is, the more you can pinpoint who and where your reader is, the more likely you will successfully sell books. Simple as this.

With traditional marketing book signings were common. Not necessarily successful, but a “must do” for some authors.

One of the reasons traditional book signings were often not successful had to do with not holding them in an extremely targeted location.

Imagine this.

You wrote a book on Finding the Best Fishing Holes In The United States.

Wouldn’t it make sense to do a book signing in a sporting goods store rather than a traditional book store? Actually it would, but many authors have never made the connection.

Back to Social Media Marketing. In order for this way of marketing to work you have to go where the reader is. For example, if you wrote a book on photography your best bet is to find forums, blogs and social networks where photo buffs hang out.

The more focused you are the more likely you will find a great deal of success with Social Media Marketing.

Source by Kathleen Gage