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Are you fed up spending all of your time chasing up dead-end leads in your Amway business? Are you tired of being told NO? Does it not annoy you that you are spending good money buying leads that are completely useless? Well that could all stop today! Start generating leads that are ultra-targeted and have already shown an interest in buying Amway products. Start adding hundreds of people into your downline. Never have to cold-call ever again! And never have to spend another dime on useless leads.

If you are spending all your time, effort, and money on Amway leads that are ultimately fruitless it may surprise you to know just how easy it really is to start generating ultra-targeted leads for free. And that’s not even the best bit. The best bit is that these leads will be contacting you! Your email inbox will be full every morning, your telephone will be ringing, and people will be asking you about your product and how it can help them. All you have to do is learn how to switch your approach from “warm marketing” techniques to “target marketing” techniques.

The Old Way Of Getting Leads

Warm marketing refers to the traditional methods of doing business in the MLM industry. It focuses on selling to people you know, like your friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues for example. It emphasizes local advertising like handing out flyers, giving presentations, offering free samples, distributing DVDs and CDS, and placing adverts in the local newspapers for example. Warm marketing also tends to suggest that you buy leads from lead-selling agencies.

The New Way Of Getting Leads

Target marketing principles reject this approach. They realize that the average person simply does not know enough people upon which to build a million dollar business. It realizes that flyers, presentations, DVDs, CDS, and free samples are expensive and not guaranteed to produce any success. And most of all, it realizes that buying and cold-calling leads is not profitable and will lead to frustration, rejection, and financial deficits.

Instead, target marketing offers a new approach to MLM. It utilizes modern technology like the internet and telephone to find highly targeted, relevant links for free. It places the emphasis on the leads finding YOU, and not the other way around. So while you are concentrating your time and money on growing your business, up to a hundred people a day are contacting you asking you about your products and willing to do business with you.

What’s more, you will be speaking to people all over the world, from Hong Kong to Hawaii, since the internet is not restricted by borders or boundaries or limitations. Your potential client base will increase beyond comprehension.

If you would like to find out how you can use your internet connection, your telephone connection, and the power of the written word to generate hundreds of free, targeted, leads for your Amway business every single day, see the Amway Free Lead Generator.

Source by Joshua Fuson