Your Package Inclusions & Conditions

You have purchased a fully functional website that has been built using a 3rd party platform (Shopify or WordPress). Click Start Digital do not accept responsibility or liability for issues relating to the platform.
The cost of your package does not include additional functionality outside of the functions of the website handed over to you upon purchase.
The website is sold ‘as is’ therefore any requested changes to the website will incur charges at our discretion. If you make changes to the website and break any elements there may be fees for us to rectify the issues. Please note: Shopify sites are delivered “as is” with no edits due to the constrictive nature of their platform.
Logo & web images continued….
of your logo please contact us. All content throughout your website is “filler content” until the site is acquired by a new business owner. Please ensure you change the About Us, T&C and Contact pages to your details.
We will transfer the domain (e.g. registration to you after the package has been purchased so you have full ownership of the domain and website.
Each website will come with one registered domain name only. If you require others these will be at your own cost. Including custom built websites.
We provide an online Training Hub that gives you access 24/7 for 1 year after purchase to a range of video training and information to take you through the entire process to launch a new business.
The training hub must be followed step by step to complete all of the modules before launching your store.
We have designed a Facebook Page for your business and connected this to your website. Your Business Coach will ensure this gets transferred to you.
We have set up Facebook Page for you. Please refer to your Business Coach for more information on this.
If you have chosen to get a custom store built, you have input into the layout (based on our current store for sale), logos (up to 6 options) and colour scheme for your new website.
Included in a custom store build is 1 round of changes only, any further requested changes to the website will incur charges at our discretion. Custom stores can take up to 3 weeks to build.
Your package will commence from the day the site is built/ completed.
All imagery used on the website, and the logo is included in your package. If you would like a copy
Your website has auto responder emails that get emailed to you and the customer when an order is received & completed on your website.
Your store has not been integrated to send the orders directly to the supplier, this will need to be done manually by you. This will be dependent on the individual supplier and their preferred method of ordering and is out of our control.
We have also supplied 3 template emails you can use for your autoresponder emails within Klaviyo. To access these, visit our Training Hub (under Email Marketing).
We will set up a form offering 5-10% off to customers visiting your website. This will be integrated into a software platform called Klaviyo. is similar to Mail Chimp & other email marketing platforms.
Klaviyo has been designed to automatically email customers reminders who have left products in their shopping cart (who have registered their details on your form).
We offer a help desk to all of our clients for the duration of their package. The help desk is for any urgent matters relating to website issues, plugin issues and general issues with the website outside of what Site Ground or Shopify can assist you with. Please allow up to 48 hours for responses on the help desk.
We source the suppliers for you but we do not set up business accounts with the supplier on your behalf due to legalities i.e. you will be required to fill in your personal details and apply for the account directly with the supplier.
In some cases, we have already uploaded products from a supplier but this isn’t the case for all stores. You will be required to clarify what products you wish to upload.
We will provide you contact info for the suppliers that have been chosen for your store, and we are happy to help as best we can with any more needed outside of this but please note this will be capped at: Silver 3, Gold 5, Platinum 8, Diamond 10, Elite 15. Crown is unlimited.
We do not recommend dealing with any more than 1 to 3 suppliers unless you are holding stock and warehousing. Should you wish to source more suppliers you will have access to our supplier database.
 Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee suppliers will approve your account, as this is judged on a case by case basis and is at the discretion of the individual supplier.
Ongoing & unlimited web support is provided via your hosting provider. WordPress sites = Site Ground. Shopify sites =
Shopify and Site Ground offer quick 24/7 online support should you need assistance if your website is down, running slow or your emails are not working. Please contact them directly for any website issues.
Skype 1-1 Coaching:
You have access to your designated Business Coach via Skype or Zoom for business training & coaching. (Skype is an online tool allowing you to have video, screen sharing and phone conversations over your computer via the app).
You have access to your Business Coach on a weekly basis via Skype (no emails accepted) for your package duration.
• Skype sessions are for up to 30 minutes only.
• Your package includes the following sessions: Starter = 2/ Silver = 5 / Gold = 10 / Platinum = 15 / Diamond = 20 / Elite = 35 sessions.
• The sessions are non-transferrable, and we do not offer pauses for holidays or otherwise. If you do not use the sessions within the package timeframe they will be forfeited.
• Sessions can only be booked in for 2 weeks in advance.
• No shows will be deducted from the allowance above. If you want to cancel a session we need at least 12 hours’ notice.
You can discuss anything relating to products, suppliers, website help, marketing, social media and anything else relating to your business during these sessions.
NOTE: You need to book in times via the link provided to you should you need further assistance.
We do not provide training to your family members or friends. The Coaching will be provided to the business owner only, should you wish someone else to be present during training sessions, you will need to notify your Business Coach prior to the session.
You have access to our private Facebook Group for 1 year after purchase. Your Business Coach will add you into the group as soon as you come on board. This group is for clients only. Friends and relatives will not be added. Should any negative or derogatory comments be made by you within the group, you will be removed from the group immediately.
Removing members from the group is up to the Founders discretion.
Included in some of our packages is a website review pre-launch. This review will be completed by our Founder and recorded video feedback will be emailed to you before you launch your store.
The feedback might be about products, the general appearance of the site or anything else the Founder might feel would help increase your sales.
Your Business Coach will notify the Founder once your products have been uploaded and you have completed all Steps in our Training Hub.
We will upload the products included in your package to your website. This includes simple & basic products and does not include multiple variations. If you want us to upload variable products your product upload allocation will be halved e.g. Silver package is 300 products, this would become 150 uploads by our team for variable products.
You need to supply us with the product name, price*, description and high-quality image/s (this is usually sourced off the supplier’s website). Should you be unhappy with the descriptions and images supplied by the supplier, it is your responsibility to obtain suitable images etc to supply to us for the upload or edit these yourself.
All product uploads require a CSV file from the supplier if they have one. This is your responsibility to request this after you have been approved by a supplier. If the supplier does not have a CSV file we can do your manual product uploads for you but the inclusions will be halved.
If you have chosen as a supplier, the cost of the plugin/addon is your responsibility as it is an ongoing fee. With Ali express uploads, because of the time involved fixing up the products, your allocated product upload will be halved.
If you ask our team to upload products that you have not personally hand selected, the products WILL be included in the product upload inclusions regardless if they are deleted or not.
*PRICING PRODUCTS: Click Start Digital do not have a standard mark-up rate. It is your store and your choice as to the mark-ups that you will use.
We suggest you look at the RRP set by the wholesaler & competitor pricing, and price your products accordingly.
However, for ease of the initial uploading process please come up with a standard percentage mark up (e.g. 50%). Prices can always individually be altered by yourself at a later date.
Here is the guideline for the ad inclusion’s:
§ 1 x Facebook Catalogue re target ad set up
Platinum, Diamond, Elite & Crown:
§ 1 x Facebook Catalogue re target ad set up
§ 1 x Google Shopping ad. This includes us
setting up Google Merchant Centre.
Ads Management:
Diamond (1 month) / Elite (6 months) / Crown (9 months). This includes ad edits, changes & feedback.
Please co-ordinate this with your Business Coach. Ads will not be set up until all of the products are uploaded & Training Hub step 4 is complete.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of marketing & advertising, we cannot guarantee a financial return on any advertising conducted.
Included in our Diamond, Elite & Crown packages is Facebook (only) posting.
The biggest differences between our normal packages to our Crown package is the done-for-you services. We have set most things up so the new owner can hit the ground running within weeks.
Here are the done-for-you services completed for your store:
• Suppliers sourced, products chosen & uploaded.
• Shipping set up.
• Website SEO done.
• Social posts done (Instagram & Facebook).
• Instagram & Facebook page with followers.
• Klaviyo set up and automated responders set
up with coupon code.
The tasks that need to be completed by the new business owner (we can’t do) are:
• Connect Woo Payments account (set up)
• Register for an ABN
• Register for ASIC business name
• Set up a PayPal Pay in 4 Account
We will then assist you with getting the Facebook Business Manager & Google accounts set up, plus the Instagram integration into your store.
Once the above things are completed, your store will then be ready for advertising.
Note: we cannot guarantee the time frame to market. This will be dependent on the new owner and how quickly they can complete the above.
 All social media posts will not be prior approved to posting and will be completed (all posts will be scheduled) during the product upload phase.
Should you not like a post that has been posted by our team it is up to you to delete it.
Diamond package: 10 posts over a 4 to 6 week period.
Elite package: 20 posts over a 6 to 10 week period.
Crown package: 6 months of social posting, this will be up to our Social Media Manager on how many posts this includes but it will be a minimum of 1 post per week.
Note: the above inclusion is for Facebook posts only and does not include management of your social pages e.g. responding to customers.
Included in your Diamond (2 sessions), Elite (4 sessions) & Crown (8 sessions) packages is one on one Zoom sessions with our Founder. These sessions will be conducted over Zoom for 30 minutes each session at a time suitable to both parties.
We would recommend waiting until your site is up and running before you have these sessions. To book in for the coaching, please contact your Business Coach to arrange.
If you “no show” to your Skype session booking this will be deducted from your allocated sessions above, unless you have given us at least 12 hours’ notice.
All package inclusions & services outlined in this document are to be completed within the allocated time frame of your package from the date of purchase, see below.
As an example, if you purchased the Gold Package (6 months) on the 1 January, your package inclusions and services will expire on the 1 July.
Starter: 1 month. Silver: 3 months. Gold: 6 months. Platinum: 9 months. Diamond, Elite & Crown: 12 months.