3 Proven Business Models TO Starting an Internet Business in Just 12 Months

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The Internet has evolved into a living breathing multibillion-dollar industry.

Virtually every industry uses the internet as a medium for interacting, building relationships, and sales with their customers.

The good news is starting an internet business has never been easier.

The playing field is now level for both small and large-scale businesses. You can build your own highly profitable business low risk internet from scratch.

Let us debunk some myths about starting your business online:

  • You do not have to think too hard, to market your website.
  • You do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Here are some secrets to succeeding in starting your online business:

  • You can replicate proven principles of direct marketing in starting your business-and succeed
  • You can work with business models to systematize your business.

Bottom line is to use proven principles of direct marketing and use business models to systematize your business.

The three proven business models online are

  • Agora model
  • Waterfront model
  • Catalogue model

Let us now talk about…

Catalogue model Website. Catalogue websites are the equivalent of storefronts online. These are mostly e-commerce sites- retail sites. These websites inform visitors and sell goods. You get to see a product review and the product itself on the site. The primary aim of the website is to make sales. A good example of a catalogue site is Amazon.com the online retailer. Most businesses selling physical goods use catalogue sites.

Waterfront website– A waterfront model website has a home page. The home page is tabloid style with lots of interesting tips, items and factoids. In addition, you have a product page. A waterfront website is therefore a combination of a sales page and content page. The key to success in designing waterfront website is to interest the visitors enough to buy. The waterfront model makes the visitors buying decision easier. Best buy.com is an example

I have not used any of the above models for designing my website but they are important especially for retailers.

However if you are starting out you want to know and use…

Agora Model Website

Agora publishing company developed the agora model. The model was developed as an experiment 10 years ago.The business model use the principles of direct response market to leverage business growth.

It proved successful creating a 300 million dollars internet juggernaut in the process. There flagship newsletter, ” the daily reckoning” has a over 500,000 subscribers

There are three aspects to the Agora Business Model:

  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Capture visitor information
  • Follow up with email marketing and make sales.

Let’s look at the 3 aspects of this business model in detail….

The first step in the Agora model is to drive traffic to your website. You can drive traffic to your website by the following:

  • Blogging
  • Co registration
  • Search engines
  • Pop- unders
  • Contextual advertising
  • Affiliate deals
  • Editorial mentions
  • Solo promotional emails
  • Pay per click Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Premium for other offers
  • Post Cards
  • Free Ezines.
  • Article marketing

Article marketing, blogging and free e-zines are free means of driving traffic to your website. Most of the other techniques will cost you money. However, you can track and test these channels to see their effectiveness.

The second step in the Agora Model is to capture your website visitor contact information and build your list in the process. You do so by persuading your visitors to sign up to your free ezine. Your free ezine could be a free tips sheet where you share valuable information relevant to your niche. You can also offer your visitors a free bonus report in exchange.

The key is to offer a high-perceived value product. You product should add value to your market. If you are able to do this, well your prospects trust you. You build a relationship when your prospects trust you. When your prospects trust you, they reward you by buying your products.

Bottom line for step two is to build relationship with your prospect.

The third step is to follow up your prospects.The second and third steps are mutual, because you need to capture your prospect contact details-before you can follow them up.

Here are useful tips to success

  • your opt-in page must be on all your web pages
  • Your bonus report should be easily downloadable.
  • Write or outsource the copy for the landing page of your free report.

When you follow up your house list- by constantly sending them valuable information with your newsletters and ezines- you lower sales resistance. Your prospects become paying customers begin to trust you. Your subscribers now identify with your message; they want to know more about you. You can tap into your customers buying frenzy.

A Buying frenzy means -your customers want to buy from you- and will keep on buying from you- until their appetite or desire for your products peter out.

We have looked at the keys to long-term success in starting your online business.

These keys are

  • use proven direct response marketing methods to promote your business
  • In addition, systematize your business with proven business models.

We have looked at three of the most successful ones. The good news is you can replicate these models even if you are starting out today.

Now is the time to take advantage of the internet boom. You are lucky to be at the start of the next wave of prosperity that will ever hit our population. Think about this- the total world population is 6.5 billion -and the total numbers of internet users are less than 1 billion people.

If you are able to use these business models to grow build the foundation of your business-you set your business on the side of boom. You will ride the wave of prosperity, leave a legacy for the world, and create massive value in your niche market and for your customers.

Source by Akinniyi Osho