What is the future for ecommerce in the metaverse?

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Facebook is one of the largest advertising platforms in the world. Facebook’s transition from an ad platform to one that includes transactions will be massive. With the rollout of the metaverse, new shopping experiences offer consumers the ability to interact with digital goods or physical products before they purchase them through augmented or virtual reality shopping. It will be a tremendous shake-up in the world of online shopping and will completely change ecommerce as we know it in the next five to ten years. 

This article will discuss the future of ecommerce in the metaverse and how to be ahead of the game.

The past

When you think of ecommerce from a few years ago, you imagine the introduction of Facebook ads, Shopify, and WordPress. These tools allowed business owners to create digital selling spaces for their products, reducing the need for physical storefronts. Small business owners who knew how to use Facebook ads could make millions of dollars every year reselling products from Alibaba and Amazon. 

The present

Ecommerce in today’s world hasn’t changed much from five to ten years ago. The only differences are the integrations of cryptocurrency wallets or Chrome extensions that help you shop. However, since the introduction of Meta in late 2021, we have already seen massive shifts in how companies deal with online shopping. We can consider 2021 to be the start of the metaverse. 

Companies like Walmart, Nike, and others have already started integrating augmented or virtual reality shopping options people can use to buy products. Companies offer real shopping in the metaverse with experiences that anyone with a VR or AR headset can try. 

Nike’s introduction into the metaverse was through the Roblox game platform, creating a location called Nikeland. Walmart offers a virtual reality shopping experience with a cart and a virtual assistant named Sam, who can help you buy products. Although these are examples of real…

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