The Ideal Passive Income Mindset Blueprint For Beginners – Passive Income Article

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The Ideal Passive Income Mindset Blueprint For Beginners

Some people think that having the right mindset is all you need to successfully build passive income. For some reason, there is a mythical belief that passive income is the fruit of inaction and wishful thinking. That is far from reality. Building a sustainable passive income stream requires hard work, dedication, and skill. 

However, having the right mindset while creating passive income is part of what is required for long-term success. We won’t be talking about the Law of attraction, reprogramming your subconscious mind, or treating passive income like winning the lottery. This article covers actionable things you can implement to put yourself in the right mindset to build a sustainable passive income stream. Let’s dive in.

1. Don’t Build Passive Income to “Get Rich Quick”

Why do you want to build a passive income stream? If your singular motivation is money then you may be disappointed. Money is a by-product of created value. If your only goal is to generate value for yourself, what value are you creating for others?

Some think that “throwing money at the problem” is a way to generate passive income. They do this by increasing their debt to buy thousand-dollar courses from internet gurus. For some reason, they believe the ads promises of high returns for, in…

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