Success After 50 – How To Achieve Financial Success Even If You Are Over Fifty

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Can you really achieve true success if you already over the age of fifty? Yes, success is something that is defined by you and can be achieved at any age and under any circumstances. I am over fifty and have now finally reached the place in my life where I feel successful. I am happy, have a great relationship with my spouse and family, own my own business that I can run from home or anywhere I happen to be, have great health, and own a beautiful home. But my life was not always this way. Allow me to explain.

I grew up in a poor family where everyone was always worried about money. My mother was sick all the time, and I was kept home from school many days just to take care of her and my younger brother. We never took a vacation and lived in run down apartments that never had enough room for us.

I believed that life was supposed to be hard. When I grew up and got married, we were also very poor. We struggled just to get by and pay the bills. Then my health became an issue and I could no longer work. I felt like I was living the life I had known as a child. I did not want to go on that way. I began to search for answers and finally read Napoleon Hill’s book called Think and Grow Rich. This book gave me a feeling that I could do anything. I began to practice what was discussed in the book. After just a few months my life began to change.

It has only been two years and I am a different person. My family has now read the book as well and we recently discovered that there were more secrets behind the idea of thinking and growing rich. I will never be the person I was in the past. The struggles for financial freedom are gone and I am now in the position to help others. I encourage you to learn more about becoming successful at any age.

Source by Connie Ragen Green