Search Engine Optimisation Tips For A Better Page Rank

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Knowing the right Search Engine Optimisation Tips can help you get your internet marketing career off in the right tracks. There is no such thing as overnight success, but by following a few pointers, you can slowly build your reputation as an online marketer.

One of the best SearchEngine Optimisation Tips involves familiarizing yourself with the Google search engine. To begin, type your keyword phrase into the engine and hit the search button. This will generate the results of all the websites that are relevant to your keyword. If you look below the engine bar, you will see a large number. This is the number of websites that contain, or are related to your keywords. For beginners, try to shoot for a keyword that has below 10,000 results. This is not a set number, but a keyword phrase with search results in the six to seven digit figures is going to be extremely hard to rank.

Other Search Engine Optimisation Tips involve using the Google keyword toolbar. This is a valuable tool that will give you an estimate of how much your keyword phrase is searched by internet surfers. Again, there is no set number, but obviously the more searches a keyword gets per month, the more lucrative it is. Keywords with a high search volume also tend to be more competitive, so strive for a phrase that has a balance of low competition with a fair number of searches.

As far as your website is concerned, it should contain the keywords in the title of your website, and about two to three times throughout the text. If possible, include it in your URL as well. Even more important, visit other forums, blogs, and social bookmarks, and include a link back to your website with your keyword as the anchor text. This will help you boost your page rank with Google. Article directories are also good places to drop off links.

You can also use an article spinning service that will automatically send out variations of your articles to multiple directories. Article spinning services are quite expensive, but if you can afford it, it will save you time and effort.

Adhering to the right Search Engine Optimisation Tips will help you rank quicker with Google. Getting your site in the first page will attract hordes of visitors to your website. This of course will establish your reputation as a trustworthy marketer.

Source by Stuart Bazga