Passive Income Dude (YR 3): Passive Income Report: January 2018 – Passive Income Article

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Passive Income Dude (YR 3): Passive Income Report: January 2018


Sorry for the delay in posting! My finger is mostly better, so my typing is basically back, which is good news.  I’ve been diligently studying for the PMP (project management professional) exam with all of my free time, and so that is why I really haven’t written. I imagine I’ll pick back up the frequency in a month or so.

General Thoughts on This Month: January started off nicely, with no issues and no surprises.  Though I feel very thankful for the system I’ve created, I still feel “cash poor”, with everything either being reinvested or used for paying down debt.  Eventually that should change! Though it is taking much longer than I thought, or like.

Another reason for the delay in posts is that I changed my system for how I track and report my numbers, now using pivot tables in excel, making things much easier to track and analyze, but the shift to make this happen took a lot of work.

Anyway, this month I received $1,012 in passive income!  This is the first January ever to be in 4 digits! Here are the details from this month below:

Dividends and Rental Income Received

I have some individual stocks, but mostly mutual funds, and also four active rental properties, which if you’ve been following my story have varying levels of success: my Missouri Rental my 

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