Passive Income Dude (YR 3): Passive Income Report: December 2017 ($4,004!!) – Passive Income Article

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Passive Income Dude (YR 3): Passive Income Report: December 2017 ($4,004!!)

What an amazing way to end the year! I literally cannot believe how it ended.  For the last few months I had been saying that I thought it would be a “photo finish” as to whether or not I would reach my passive income goal for the year (of $13,000).  Going in to December, my total was only $9,189 and so I knew I would need a monstrous December monthly total if I was going to make it.

Well, I am very happy to report that I achieved my goal with a grand total of $13,194.24!

Side note – my finger is still in cast and so I will keep this post short, but I do plan to do a 2017 Annual Review in a few weeks where I will highlight more details.

General Thoughts on This Month: This was my best month since the creation of Passive Income Dude with a grand total of $4,004.76 earned in completely passive income.

What an incredible blessing! The system is working and I am patiently watching the snowball pick up momentum! It is incredible to see what the power of patience and compounding can do to your returns. Here are the details from this month below:

Dividends Received

*All dividends are always reinvested.

There are a few very cool things that happened in this month’s total in regards to dividends that I would like to highlight quickly:

1) This is the first time ever where a single…

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