Online Retail Trends: Noteworthy Advancements from 2022

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Whether you’re running a DTC ecommerce store, or selling your products through distributors, it’s time to think closely about the online retail trends that matter right now. 

In this post, we’re going to look at the strategies, trends, and best practices that drive ecommerce right now. Some of them you might’ve tried, others, however, might be new to you. However, there’s never been a better time to start improving the way you run your business and make money.

You’ll learn:

  1. Why ecommerce retailers are moving towards omnichannel experiences to boost sales
  2. How social integrations make it easier to make sales off-platform
  3. The rise in personalization leads to better customer relationships.
  4. How the new wave of “try before you buy” is proving a success for stores.


Omnichannel e-commerce allows your customers to have a unified channel-based approach to your store. This means, whether they’re buying from your store, your social media, or your retail partners, the experience is the same.

Omnichannel experiences are hard to get right. You need to get your systems set up in a way that you can track orders, and stock amounts. For example, I might place my initial order online but want to pick up the item in-store. Unless your systems are up to date, you run the risk of someone thinking their product is in stock, only to get to the store to find that it’s not.


The image above shows data highlighting how shoppers spend their time online. With shoppers actively using different channels to buy their products, if you’re not adopting an omnichannel experience, you’re running the risk of losing customers who choose to buy on a platform or channel you’re not on.


E-commerce automation can significantly benefit your business in many aspects. Such as marketing, communication, fulfillment, and follow-ups. As an e-commerce business owner, you should be on alert about how you’re spending your time.

It’s important to focus on…

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