New Office & Cash Flow Business | CDTV 004 – Chris Dunn – Passive Income Article

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New Office & Cash Flow Business | CDTV 004 – Chris Dunn

This past week has been a wild one! We moved into our new office, set up a really nice video studio, then spent a week with Ryan Roots who showed us how to build a cash flow business income stream.

In our first week, we got about $3k in profitable products, and set up relationships that will continue to feed that business. I also set up a system to remove myself from the day-to-day operations, so I can build other income streams.

It was really fun to take a couple days to hit some garage sales, thrift stores, and work with wholesalers. I’ve been working in the digital world of e-finance for so long that I forgot about the massive world of physical products.

My plan is to keep documenting my journey in the CDTV vlog series to show you the businesses I’m building, lessons I’m learning, and income streams I’m setting up.

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