Network Marketing Home Business – Why You Need Direct Response Marketing

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In order to grow your network marketing home business, you have to use all the tools in your arsenal, and direct response marketing is a pretty big tool.

Direct response marketing (although it has been around for a while) is a real buzz word at the moment and it refers to the way in which a specific marketing campaign elicits a response from the potential customer. That response is usually to make a purchase or to sign up for something.

To see how this works to its full potential, it might be a good idea to look at the medium of television advertising.

Take the shopping channel for instance. They are masters at direct response marketing. They show a clip on let’s say… a platinum and sapphire ring. All the time they have a number flashing on the bottom of the screen.

They will then say that the ring is on a “one time” promotion at 50 % off, but for only an allotted period of time. A person who liked the ring before but wasn’t sure about the price, can now justify the purchase.

So they rush to phone to make that call. That in a nutshell is direct response marketing! Aside from this, the company is able to record fairly accurately the quantity of response afforded to the advertising campaign.

This is all well, and good but how does this relate to your network marketing home business?

Well people are naturally curious right! What about if you delivered say, 5000 postcards through mailboxes that said something like “How would you like to make an extra $400-600 per week, call this number to find out more”.

If you were looking to earn that extra bit of money per month then you’d call right! This is direct response marketing at its best, because the way that the postcard is worded, it doesn’t promise you that you will be a millionaire if you call the number on the card.

Instead, it makes a statement that is achievable for most people. In fact, It makes a statement that they can imagine themselves doing, and that’s important.

The internet is another sure fire way of using direct response marketing methods to build your network marketing home business. Because if you can write a really good sales page that might empower people to take action, your action will evoke a response.

It might be to purchase, for a small fee, an E-book telling the prospect some juicy insider secrets that they might want to know about building a business opportunity from home. This again is clever marketing.

The reason for this is that not only do you have the prospects email address, because they had to sign up to purchase the book, but you are ensuring that you are getting traffic from people who are very interested in starting their own MLM business. In effect you have highly targeted, super red hot leads.

There is a saying that goes “if you want to be poor, market to all, if you want to be rich, market to a niche” and nowhere is it more true than with network marketing.

You see, the old MLM way was to tell everybody about this fantastic business opportunity such as friends, family, strangers et al. Whereas, in reality how many of these people were actually looking for a chance to do something more?

The answer is very few. All this does is to waste your time talking to prospects who were not really interested anyhow. The other way, and in my view the smart way, is to market to those who are genuinely looking for that something more.

Even better still, market to those who have been in MLM businesses before but failed to get their businesses off the ground. They don’t need to be sold all the dreams, because they already know that it is a good business model. Instead, they just need to know how to get it off the ground.

So you see, it’s a proven fact, direct response marketing works! When you learn to apply this to your your network marketing home business successfully, then you are sure to be on your way to making money.

Source by Marc Savage