MLM Business Opportunity Vs 2 Up Business Opportunity – Which Would You Choose?

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So now you’ve realized that the 9-5 you hold doesn’t really offer security. You’ve discovered that your company has downsized and you may be the next one out the door. Now that you’re scared to death of losing the paycheck you thought you’d have for years to come, a friend has introduced you to the Internet world. You’ve seen all of the ads of ordinary folks like yourself making extra ordinary incomes on the Net and you want a piece of the action. But the information is so confusing, what business model is the best? Well clear your mind.. I will give you an unbiased comparison of MLM business opportunity vs the Austrailian 2 UP business opportunity.

MLM/Network Marketing:

This business model has been around for a very long time. Just look at Corporate America. There is the CEO who is the highest paid, Top Level management next highest paid, Middle Management, Lower Level Management then you the laborer.

MLM is similar in that the owner has created a product and is the highest paid, he has a team called the Top Level Management, then there is the Middle Management -which is called the upline, then the Lower Level Management – which is your sponsor… then you the distributor.

This is usually how the money flows upward. Unfortunately, this business model requires a tremendous amount of work to make a decent pay and usually the distributor cannot duplicate the success of the sponsor. This leads to attrition… On the other hand it can be done but there must be a strong support system in place for the new distributor.

When researching this business model, make sure that there is some automation in the recruiting process to cut down on the failure rate. Do no make a list of friends and family, purchase leads or send folks to a one hour presentation… If asked to build a business this old archaic way run because…duplication of this process will create failure.

In conclusion MLM is a lucrative business model if there is a system in place… People fail but systems never do.

Australian 2up

Usually the Australian 2up business model has a high ticket item behind the compensation plan.. The goal is to leverage residual income by giving away the first two sales to the sponsor as a training sale and every sale after that creates immediate profit. Once the two sales are given away, the distributor is qualified to duplicate the same process from the third sale on.

This business model is very powerful because it brings in large sums of cash and builds residual income, which can be duplicated by your team if there is a marketing system in place.

The drawback is if there is not a marketing system in place, it may seem frustrating if the first two sales take longer to obtain than expected. Patience and marketing knowledge will lead to a success in this business model.

In conclusion, the Australian 2up can be very lucrative if there is a marketing system in place and sponsor support.

Source by Rhonda K Smith