Making Money Online Home Business Opportunities Scams – Honesty is Clearly Not the Policy

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I’m a newbie to the making money online business and I’m struggling to find the truth. I have never felt so deceived as I have in this field. As a beginner there were very few people out there to give honest information and advice, although I did find a few like the Newbie Cash Machine.

All I wanted was a basic understanding so that I could work from home and earn money doing it. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money whilst I was learning – I wanted to read and understand before I took the plunge. In all my years nothing has ever made me feel so dumb. The number of companies out there selling “make money online” software and charging outrageous fees even though they know that over 90% of their customers wouldn’t understand a word of it and give up was overwhelming. Some of them like the Rick Jerk were obnoxious with it. For the newbie it’s a wasp’s nest and you can get stung very easily.

The only people making easy and fast money are the big guns. Let’s be honest. Most people who want to start an online business are only looking for enough extra money to buy some clothes for their kids or pay for a holiday. Not everyone is looking to get rich online. I did learn a few things about making money online doing survey’s recommended on the paid survey review site and how to make money and reinvest it from The Cash1234 System – but that was just a little side line which has helped with the bank balance. Newbie’s need some honesty, integrity and simply understandable instructions – we are new to this business – please note that.

Source by Helen Finister