Is Search Engine Optimisation a Part of Your Sales Campaign?

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The use of search engine marketing is one of the fastest growing aspects of building a business online. Most companies have realized the power of the internet and its non-stop sales force. Prospective customers can find out information any time of the day or night, not simply when the traditional store is open.

The largest player of this type is the media giant Google. First known for their brilliant search engine, they have now branched out into video (YouTube), internet browser (Chrome) and many other activities that are directed related to internet marketing.

One of the many ways that Google makes income is with their Google AdWords service. Companies actually bid on keywords to be shown, when a user seeking information, types this phrase into the search box. This is called pay per click (PPC), since user only pay when their advertisements are clicked on by searchers. These ads are typically shown on the top and to the right of the results page. In order to be shown higher on the page, it is necessary to bid more than a competitor.

Of course this is only one way of making a website appear more prominently on the output produced from a search phrase. A website can be modified to make it more attractive to the search engines. This is known as search engine optimisation (SEO) and can be done by an adept individual familiar with this process or hiring an outside firm who specialize in this activity.

Search-engine marketing is a valuable part of any sales campaign. Whether it is PPC or SEO, a company needs to include this as part of an overall strategy to keep them in profit.

Source by David W. Christopher