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I’ve spent some time recently trying to find other sources of income that I haven’t tried yet as in my opinion it’s good to have multiple different sources of income compared to just one as if one goes down you always have money coming in – “don’t put your eggs in one basket”

One that I have wanted to try for a long time was eBay dropshipping, I have an old eBay account in good standing which I turned into a business account.

The tools used in this method come with a trial, letting you test the waters and get familiar with the workflow.

Hydra Lister

Out of various eBay listing tools I prefer Hydra Lister as it comes with a lot of useful features, is fully integrated with Skugrid, and is at the right price point for me as it doesn’t come with any limitations as to how many items you can list.

You can use Hydra Lister to create Single/Batch(Bulk) listings, paste product links from various suppliers and hit launch and it does all the work for you, I listed ~1000 products on eBay in just 2 days.

These are the pricing tiers, I highly recommend trying out the 20 listing trial first (scroll down on the pricing page) and then when you make your mind up getting the Multi Suppliers Lister to list from other suppliers than just Amazon.


To pay for a non re-occurring license find this link below the pricing tiers.


This is what the main interface looks like, for some reason the sales aren’t currently tracked that’s why my graph is flat.


These are my global settings, Hydra Lister allows you to filter certain words so they don’t appear in your eBay listings. You can also choose to have VERO Protection On which basically protects you from listing items that certain brands have banned from being listed on eBay.


This is what my profit…

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