How to manufacture a product in China with your brand

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A short guide to producing custom goods in China

Producing goods with its own brand in China has considerable advantages for the business: in this article we try to understand how to manufacture a product in China, from how to realize a real business starting from the offer of Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.

In fact, Chinese manufacturers can offer you a wide choice of catalog products, that is, factory products that may have been applied to a custom brand. These products, also called ODM, are therefore models on which you can affix your logo, or on which you can request that some small changes be made (change of color, function, or material) to make them even more customized.

Another possible solution is OEM products, which, however, are much more expensive since molds and production must be ad hoc to make these products. The MDGs are a good solution for start-ups and SMEs that have limited budgets and can therefore create customized items starting from the basic ones provided by the manufacturer.

How to produce customized products in China starting from ODM products

Manufacture in China

If you have decided to produce customised products at a low cost, then it is good that you focus on ODM products. Here are the main advantages of this type of product:

  • short timeframes: start-ups and SMEs generally do not have the technical capacity to develop new products, and tailor-made projects then take time because they are subject to many revisions.
  • reduced processing costs compared to those of OEMs: customized products need molds made on industrial projects that must be supplied by the buyer. Instead, molds already in use are used to make the ODM products.
  • low order quantity: the supplier produces the MDGs more easily, takes less time and runs fewer risks, can also…

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