How To Find A Bulk Herb Supplier To Sell Online

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There’s a common saying: Variety is the spice of life. Everyone loves variety in their food and people have particular tastes for what they like to eat.

Herbs give flavor, fragrance, and variety to the food we eat – without them, meals would be bland and forgettable. As a result, they’re a popular product, so you might want to consider selling them in your online store.

Plus, consumers use herbs regularly, meaning that they’ll have to frequently buy more to stock up on supplies. If you choose the right herb products from the best bulk herb supplier, then you can turn a tidy profit with some regular customers.

In this post, we’ll go over the most common herbs, how to sell them online, how to find a bulk herb supplier, and the best herb products to sell in your online store.

What’s The Difference Between Herbs & Spices?

We all know that herbs and spices both do basically the same thing: they enhance the flavors of the foods we eat. For most people, these are 100% necessary – otherwise, their meals would just be too boring.

However, you might be asking yourself: What is the difference between herbs and spices?

It’s simple, really:

  • Herbs come from the leaves of the plant.
  • Spices come from the bark, seeds, or roots.

For example, fresh or dried cilantro leaves are herbs while the cilantro seeds (known as coriander) are spices….

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