Herbalife and 60 Minute Money System Reviewed

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Founded by Russell Gain, this system has been around for more than 10 years and is originally from the USA, it has earned Russell Gain and others in his top team millions of dollars in business revenue and income.

The system is a fully automated turnkey system which does allow for part time participation, it is workable from any location, and is accessible if you have internet access. The system is designed to promote products from a partner company – Herbalife International PLC.

There are three parts to the 60 minute money system. Each area costs you money to initially set up then a monthly subscription thereafter.

  1. Retail Website – you get access to a retail website where you can retail your consumable products and weight loss programmes. The website is pretty standard across the board, you have the options of changing the background but they all remain looking the same or similar. There are some nice features such as customer portal where long term customers can place their regular orders online.
  2. The Training Website – this is access to the 60 minute money training back office. There are online webinar training sessions which can be held at team level or global team sessions where appropriate by Russell Gain and his top team. There are daily phone training sessions which are all recorded and available in the back office as well as documentation detailing techniques on how to talk to your weightloss or recruiting prospects, as well as how to develop your team and your business.
  3. The Recruiting Site – this site is used mainly for recruiting prospects to your team. Using CD presentations or online presentations to draw prospects to your website and ultimately to a series of autoresponders that will outline the benefits of joining the 60 minute money system.

The system itself is pretty much turnkey and there is not much to do when first setting up any of the websites. There are autoresponders some of which can be altered by you, others cannot. It is a lead capturing system, but it is then down to you the individual how you manage your leads and maximise the use of it.

If you get a good mentor, then the system can work very well, however most distributors are just taught to drive the traffic to both the weight loss and the recruiting site and are then left to their own devices.

There is a 12 month money back guarantee for the CD Information pack with this system if you do not make $12,000 or more within a year.

As this system partners with Herbalife, the compensation plan is that of Herbalife International.

The 60 Minute Money system is great for capturing leads for weight loss and recruiting, not sure what the added benefits of the training site is. They do have internal team bonuses and encourage competitiveness amongst individuals to help drive traffic to all websites, through number of sales, prospects, cd’s sold etc.

Having three sites can work out costly on a monthly basis as there is a $40 fee for the weight loss website, $50 for the training and the recruiting business website. The proposed funding is through the sale of the CD’s which have to be purchased by you in the first instance, you need to retail about 40 cd’s or more per month to get back any funding for the ongoing costs of running your websites. The weight loss website can be used on its own. However, if you wish to build a residual home business, through Herbalife International then you need the recruiting side which will bring in new distributors to your organisation.

Always do your due diligence before joining any system. Make sure this is a sustainable system and one which can stand on its own.

Source by Colette Morris