First Step Towards Financial Freedom – Passive Income Article

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First Step Towards Financial Freedom

Dear reader, are you financially free? To be honest, I have not met even one person surrounding me who can answer yes to this question. Definitely, there are such people; I read their blogs, but I personally do not know them. It makes my goal of achieving financial freedom even more appealing. What is that first step towards financial freedom?

It is my goal to be financially free. While we are still on our journey there, I truly believe it is achievable. With a projected $41,500 annual passive income in 2020, we are advancing even faster than we thought when we started our financial journey about six years ago.

My objective was clear: we need to receive at least the same amount of money we earn today but without needing to go to a traditional job. It does not mean that we will not work. It means we will be free and not tied to a job by the responsibility to support our family.

Many questions came to mind when I first started thinking about this goal. How am I going to establish passive income streams? Am I educated enough to do it myself? Where do I start?

As an engineer, it is a very important step to sync expectations by defining acceptable criteria, and, as I see it, the first criterion is to earn passive income equivalent to what we currently…

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