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The extension is a great way to improve the customer experience on your e-commerce website, and it can also help you increase sales.
The detail size chart can be displayed on a product page, so customers can view the product measurement before making a purchase. It is responsive and compatible with all browsers.
OpenCart product size chart extension is easy to install and configure, and it comes with a user-friendly interface.

Displaying product size charts before the product description can be a helpful way to provide this information to shoppers. However, size charts can also be displayed in their own tab on the product page. This allows shoppers to easily find the size information they need without having to scroll through the product description

Create Multiple Size Chart For Products

OpenCart product size chart module lets the admin create multiple product size charts. One size chart can link with one or more products. When a website has different products on sale then it is most important to show the right size chart to customers. Because every product comes with its own standard size chart.

For example, if you selling clothes then you can show a cloth size chart and for boot products, you can show a boot-specific size chart. This way customers will get the accurate and product-related size chart only.

Write Title, Description for Size Chart

TMD OpenCart size chart extension has a feature to enter title and description that will display above the tabular size chart. It is optional to write the description for the size chart.
There is a WYSIWYG editor is given in the description input field. In this editor, the admin can write in HTML or text. Images and videos are also displayed in the description.

Steps To Create Size Chart

creating size chart in opencart

Creating a product size chart in tabular form is a great way to organize product information for both customers and administrators. By creating a table with rows for headings and columns for values, you can easily create a product…

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