Business Website Development Trends for 2012

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These days, if a business expects to be taken seriously, they must have a website. The website should be compelling to allow the business to compete with similar businesses to attract clients. Therefore, business website development should require some thought and planning. Business website development should also evolve to keep up with trends and the times. To keep up with trends, your website development should evolve every 2-3 years. Following are trends and tips to consider for your business website development:

Business Website Trends

Be Discoverable: Make sure your site is discoverable. Take SEO seriously so your business’s website does not get lost in the internet “black hole.”

Brand Management: Know your “brand” and manage it with your site. The look of your site should clearly show the image you are trying to reflect for your business.

Fonts: choosing the right font allows readers to easily read your site. Pick a font that matches your sites’s style.

Interactivity/Engagement: Allow readers to interact with you and to be able to contact you. Allow them an easy way to get the information they need on your business. You will get sales from visitors that can easily engage themselves with your services and get the information they need quickly to make decisions. Although you want your site to be interactive and prompt engagement, you don’t want to have your site boorish or prompt visitors to feel like they are at a circus.

Compatibility: Make certain your site’s design is compatible with the various browsers your readers will use to access your site such as Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. Your site should also be easily accessible via mobile devices, so keep your site flexible.

Maintenance: Make sure the content on your site is still relevant and that there are no technical issues. Links should work and content should be updated if necessary. Testimonials should still be relevant.

Be Social: Even if you are not, your customers are. Take social networking seriously and make sure the content on your site can easily be shared via social networks by your customers. Positive word of mouth is important to the success of your business and fortunately, it is free.

Be Fresh: Periodically review your content to make sure it is fresh and current. Keep adding content. Consider adding a blog to your business that allows customers to get a sense of you and your business “behind the scenes” and provides quick updates on your business.

Be Stylish: Does your website design reflect you and your business? The design should support your brand. Are you trying to reflect a classy, modern or trendy style?

Business website development keeps evolving and is definitely not static. Keep up with trends and you will be able to keep up with your competitors for customers that may not always be abundant.

Source by Mark Kandinov