Best Appointment Scheduling Apps for 2022

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Long gone are the days of pen and paper scheduling for businesses—but also emails, phone calls, and Excel spreadsheets. Efficient businesses utilize some of the best appointment scheduling apps for booking clients through an online interface, managing appointments, and even getting paid.

Whether you run a local yoga studio or handle client meetings as a realtor or lawyer, you’re bound to save money, time, and your overall sanity by working with one of the best appointment booking apps. 

There are plenty of appointment scheduling software options on the market, but we’ve tested them all to compile a list of the top contenders. We’ll first explain what types of features and functionality you get from these apps. Then, we’ll share the absolute best appointment scheduling apps based on our research of pricing, features, and the pros and cons. 

Keep reading to make your appointment scheduling significantly easier and more profitable!

What is an Appointment Scheduling App? 

An appointment scheduling app is an online portal for businesses to list potential appointment times, accept bookings for those appointments, and manage elements like pricing, cancellations, and client information. 

Appointment scheduling apps usually come in SaaS (software as a service) form, where you can either sign up for free or pay a monthly fee to utilize all of its features. The apps are hosted and published online, resulting in two interfaces: the frontend portal where customers and clients make appointment bookings, and the backend interface where the admins manage the schedule. 

What to Look for in an Appointment Scheduling App

The format and features of each appointment scheduling app varies, but you want to look for these primary features: 

  1. A frontend calendar: For customers and clients to come to your calendar and see available appointment times; after which, they can make bookings, edit their bookings, and even make payments.
  2. A backend admin management portal: For…

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