9 Customer Retention Strategies & Examples to Drive Customer Loyalty (2022)

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Social media platforms are pushing brands to pay to reach their audiences. A surge of new businesses also means increased competition. As a result, it’s getting more expensive to acquire new customers.

Build a sustainable ecommerce business by turning an existing customer into a repeat purchaser. It’s a strategy that will help you make more money and increase profits—especially considering that, while repeat customers account for only 21% of customers, they generate 44% of revenue and 46% of orders.

Unsure where to start? This guide shares nine customer retention strategies that convince first-time customers to become loyal fans.

The 9 best customer retention strategies that work

  1. Use customer accounts
  2. Improve your customer support
  3. Start a customer loyalty program
  4. Send engaging emails to customers
  5. Offer a discount or credit to return
  6. Collect customer feedback
  7. Perfect the returns process
  8. Offer a subscription service
  9. Turn unhappy customer complaints into resolutions

1. Use customer accounts

Customer accounts can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, accounts can make repurchasing easier by giving customers instant access to previous orders as well as pre-filled shipping information. On the other hand, customer accounts are often seen as too big of a commitment for new customers.

Because of this, many people choose to checkout as a guest if given the option. So how can you effectively implement and encourage customer accounts while not hindering conversions of first time customers?

The trick is to provide the option to create an account after the first order has been placed.

 An automated email that invites online shoppers to create an account after their first purchase.
Use email marketing automation to invite first-time customers to create an account.

If you’re on Shopify and your customer accounts are optional, send customers direct invitations to encourage them to activate an account after they’ve completed a purchase.

2. Improve your customer support

Support systems help you…

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